Private Yoga Testimonials

Here what othes say after having a Private Yoga Session with Michael Mukunda Chandra Kohan

I have TRULY enjoyed working with Mukunda. From our first session, I realized how much I could enjoy pushing myself beyond where I thought my body could go!  He leads in such a way that is welcoming and friendly stressing that we do what we can – that there is no perfection in yoga. Yet, he also challenges me every step of the way, offering assists as well as correcting poses to prevent injury.

Sara Kalashian

Mukunda Chandra is awesome! I’m so grateful for his yoga instruction. He has a seemingly innate ability to know how far into a pose you can go and gently help you get there. As a teacher he is uplifting spiritually, and brings a presence that is somehow both calming and energizing. I highly recommend yoga with Mukunda for fun asana flows, knowledgeable help with proper body alignment, and inspiring and moving messages of yogic philosophy. 

Cleo VanDyke

Mukunda has been an important part of my yoga journey. He has inspired my practice to move out of my comfort zone. I’ve truly enjoyed working with him. I look forward to his energy, unique sequences, and always challenging practices that leave me feeling better about my connection to yoga. Thank you Mukunda for all the inspiration you’ve given me.

Shannon Marie

I loved working with Mike. He was demanding, fair and knew just when to push me. I even changed my work schedule to work with him.  He taught me a lot and never treated me like the old man that I am.

Carl Falco

Michael is a creative, innovative and vibrant instructor. He always with inspiring thoughts which makes my practice meaningful. He has taken time to help me with certain postures which has given me more strength and flexibility.  I always learn something new in his class and I look forward to each class with him.

Laura DeCotils

Wonderful teacher that is very diversified in his class including music, stories, and chanting. He’s also warm-hearted, fun, playful and takes the time to show you the proper way to go in and out of an asana.  I highly recommended for the beginner and more advanced practitioner alike.

Iris Bachman

Such a wonderful and caring teacher! Goes above and beyond to connect with his students and makes it a point to remember them and their needs! He is incredibly inspiring and knowledgeable in what he does! It is obvious that this is his passion and he is here to help and heal! His yoga classes are powerful, uplifting, and enjoyable. It is impossible to leave one of his classes without feeling better! Every class I have taken with him has been a gift.

Tina Kwolwicz

Michael Mukunda has always impressed me with his deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how knowledge is passed on to the students on both  an individual level and class level. I have always been encouraged by his calm assurance & find Mukunda’s teaching methods motivating. The classes have always been enjoyable and provided an opportunity for personal physical and mental development

Patt B.

My name is Abe, I am 85 yrs of age with a 40 yr history of lower back pain, doggy knees, tight hips (the kind that dread getting in and out of cars, and especially long car journeys)…and my emotional state was fragile…anti depressants were prescribed. Meanwhile, little bits of yoga became my salvage and as Michael says “from little things big things grow”….my confidence grew with the new found freedom I acquired thru yoga, simple things affected it, like alighting in and out of cars without groaning, accessing items in supermarket from lowest and highest shelves with ease…these are significant results!  Michel has helped me with my confidence and my mobility

Abe Wald

Michael Mukunda’s attention and patience made our sessions very peaceful and worthwhile. He is always glad to be in the moment with me and is never hurried. Our sessions were never monotonous and I learned something new every time.  You can feel he cares about his students.

Patricia Kipp

Hands down the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had, Michael’s teaching practice is thoughtful, balanced, and tailored to each student, regardless of whether there is 1 person or 20 people in the room. If you or someone you know wants to experience the benefits of yoga (mindfulness, stress/anxiety relief, flexibility, strength, injury recovery, breath, balance, etc, the list goes one) please consider a private yoga practice with Michael.

Maggie Miller

Michael Mukunda Chandra is the best yoga instructor I have worked with and I highly recommend working with him. He is patient, diligent and thoughtful. Michael is constantly developing lessons that adapt to and advance my skills. He was able to come up with a creative plan for me when I was recovering from a leg injury. Michael provides excellent instructions and is effective at challenging me to try new poses that I thought were too advanced for me.

David Fisher

Michaels is an extraordinary teacher and human being, whose compassion, humor, warmth, skill and patience enables him to introduce yoga and peacefulness to his students.  His was trustworthy, consistent, patient, compassionate and reliable, making considerable contributions to the my physical therapy working with my Doctor to provide me with the best car.. 

Barbara Lutsky

I hadn’t practiced yoga in quite some time and I approached working with Michael with some trepidation as I had injured a hamstring the last time I gave yoga a shot. But all doubts and anxiety flew right out the window after working with Michael. His calming prescens introduced to a few gentle poses that over time helped me recover. After one session I was hooked.  This wasn’t yoga the way I had remembered it. This was yoga the way it should be: thoughtful, serene, well-paced, soulful, safe, and effective. For lack of a better word, Mike’s style is extremely genuine. There’s no ego in his teaching.  He’s here to help you achieve whatever it is you’ve set your sights on. Like all great guides, he’s nurturing, informative, supportive, and understanding.

Tim Haft,

Michael is a unique instructor/practitioner — an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills in addition to being a terrific yoga instructor. Hhe has a way about him – patient, warm and encouraging yet able to suggest the next level of rigor in a non-threatening and enthusiastic way. I have found my yoga practice over these past sessions to be a highlight of my week.

Ken Bauer

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