Walking around in fear limits my potential.

When I look in the mirror, I see someone who is destined for greatness. I breathe confidence into myself to go after goals.

Excessive internalization puts doubts in my mind, so I act quickly when I make a decision. This keeps me from building up fear and shirking any commitments.

The world sometimes looks scary, but in reality, there is hardly anything to be afraid of. The possible outcomes of each situation are limited. I am willing to accept whichever one that comes because they are all outside of my control.

Doubting myself on the job prevents me from accessing great opportunities. Sales calls are intimidating, but the worst scenario is that I hear, “No.”

When I consider how insignificant that response is to my existence, I regain confidence. The person on the other end of the line has little significance to my life. Confidently calling one after the other eventually leads to success.

It is great to be liked by others, but that falls very low on my priority list. I act according to my own standards and beliefs. How another person views that is irrelevant.

I place very little focus on pleasing others. I present myself as I sincerely am. It is okay when only some people accept that. What matters is how I feel about myself.

Today, each step is guided by the belief that fear is a figment of my imagination. I challenge my mind to think positively and take courageous steps. My potential is immeasurable when I do that.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.   What are the things that I tend to be fearful about?

2.  How do I encourage myself to put aside feelings of nervousness?

3.  How does it feel to overcome a fear?


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