Change can be exhilarating. It lifts me out of a rut. I break out of my comfort zone and try new things. Change also enables progress. I know that I need to be flexible if I want to be successful.

Change makes me more resilient. I discover my strengths and build my confidence. I realize that I am capable of more than I thought.

I advance in my career. If I get laid off, I have more time to search for my next position. I may change fields or take on more responsibility. I may start my own business or go back to school.

I develop strong and supportive relationships. Marriages and friendships sometimes end. I am still capable of loving and being loved. I make new connections based on who I am now instead of who I used to be.

I age gracefully. I adapt my diet and workouts to suit my current condition. I style my hair to show off my gray strands. I appreciate gaining wisdom and patience rather than fretting about a few wrinkles.

I pursue my goals. When I complete one project, I plan my next adventure.

I turn fear into excitement. I remember that moving forward is more productive than trying to protect the status quo. I choose words that help me to think positive. I focus on what I can do instead of worrying about events beyond my control.

Today, I embrace transitions as a natural and beneficial part of life. I accept losses and gains. I cope with changes big and small.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  How can humor help to me to deal with change?

2.  Why is it unrealistic to expect stability?

3.  What is one important opportunity that change has created for me?


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