Check out this week’s affirmation on Having a Great Day

For most people, getting into–and staying in–a better mood comes down to the actions they take, rather than the rules they follow.

This is a great day.

I am certain that today is going to be a great day. I have the highest of expectations for the day in front of me. I expect every day to be a great day, and that includes this day.

I plan on accomplishing a lot today. I have a plan for today that is aligned with my goals. I am looking forward to feeling great tonight when I think of everything I did today.

Today is bringing me closer to achieving my goals and living my dreams. I am making progress today.

I fully expect to enjoy today. Each day brings pleasant surprises that make me smile from ear to ear. I also plan time into my day that is focused on my enjoyment. I deserve to enjoy my life and to enjoy each day.

Each and every day has the potential to be a great day. When I expect to have a great day, it is more likely to happen.

I remember the wonderful days I have enjoyed in the past and create a positive mindset that allows today to be the best it can be.

Today, I am allowing myself to have the best day of my life. I fully expect to enjoy an amazing day. This is a great day.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  What needs to happen each day for me to have a great day?

2.  What can I do each evening to increase the odds of having a great day the following day?

3.  What was the best day of my life? What made it so great?


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