If you searching for a new way to get healthier then try doing yoga! This is a unique practice that can improve your health in a very holistic way; meaning your mind, body and soul. Yoga is a very traditional and ancient practice that has been used by many to detox and energize the body and the mind. When practiced regularly it can bring an inner peace within a person and an increased wellbeing. Below are just some of the many benefits yoga can have on your health.

• Relax those nerves
When practicing yoga continuously, you will see a change in how your body’s nervous system functions. The techniques and positions used in yoga can calm your nervous system and reduce stress. By using different stretching poses and breathing practices of yoga, the result will be a huge relaxation of nervous system. As a result, this will also provide relief in other parts of your wellbeing such as foggy thought processes, negative emotions and sluggish behavior. In addition to this, since your nervous system is more relaxed, there is a stronger connection with your mind and body.

• Better Digestion
When it comes to digestion, several people can suffer from chronic constipation and in general a sluggish system. With the help of yoga, constipation can be greatly relieved, because yoga improves the health of the body from the inside out. With certain yoga poses, you can actually massage the inside of your digestive system thus improving flow and blood circulation. When the circulation of your digestive system has been improved, your digestive system with soon follow and improve as well. With a proper functioning digestive system your body will start to function at its optimal level, and therefore you will have more energy and fewer toxins in your system.

• Detox Detox Detox
Detoxing the body is very important and a healthy process to undertake in general. It is the best way to eliminate toxins that are festering within the body’s system. When practicing yoga on a daily basis, you will be able to enable the body to clear out toxins that are causing havoc within your body. With fewer toxins in your body, the more energy you will have to tackle on the day. The detox that yoga provides not only pertains to physical toxins in the body, but also emotional toxins and psychological toxins, perhaps it could be cleansing yourself from the bad emotions of a previous relationship, a bad friendship and negative thoughts and emotions that you yourself might be hanging on to. Yoga can help you let go of this and have peace of mind. With a clear mind you can make better decisions in life, adopt a healthier lifestyle and form more positive connections, relationships and friendships that benefit your life.

• Inside out improvement!
Get your glow on! With continuous practice of yoga, you will see a definite improvement of your body from the inside out. So besides the improvement of your digestive system, relaxation of your nervous system, and the detox benefits, you can also expect your skin to glow! Due to the increase blood circulation in your system, your metabolic rate will increase, which can lead to glowing skin and lighter body weight.

When practicing yoga, most students also adopt healthier eating habits. So instead of consuming deep fried foods, you might make a smarter choice and opt for a nice kale salad instead.

At the end of the day yoga ultimately leads to healthier lifestyle, more positive outlook and glowing skin. So what are you waiting for? Give yoga a try!


Your Wellness Yogi