Spiritual growth is the birthright of everyone. It is the key to a life of happiness and peace of mind, and the manifesting the enormous power of the inner spirit.  This spirit is equally present within the most material person, and within the most spiritual person. The level of the manifestation of spirituality is dependent on how much the inner spirit is close to the surface, and on how much it is hidden by our thoughts, beliefs and negative habits.

  1. Make time for quiet contemplation:  A lot of being spiritual is about being in tune with yourself – without all the distractions of every day life. That’s why it’s so important to take 10 – 15 minutes of quiet contemplation every day. For many people, these minutes are dedicated to praying to a higher power. But they don’t have to be! Other possibilities include reflection, meditation, journaling, yoga, or merely eating more mindfully.
  2. Serve others:  One of the easiest ways to develop spiritually is to serve others. By helping others feel good, you’ll also feel good – it’s an emotion that can’t be beat. While monetary donations are great, they don’t affect your spiritual development. You can get the most benefits with volunteering your time or services, or perform a Random Act of Kindness.
  3. Align with other like-minded souls: You are the company you keep. This can be difficult when you’re beginning on the spiritual path because your current friends, and especially family, may not understand what you’re up to. Then you may start to doubt or question the changes you are feeling. This is where the yoga studio or meditation group friends become your new circle. They’ve either been there already or are going through it. Connect with them. You’ll need a mentor and tribe to guide you through the journey.
  4. Spend Time With Nature:  The secrets of life are embedded in nature. If you want to increase your spiritual awareness so that you can understand what life is, you need to study nature and learn how to live in harmony with it. As your connection to nature strengthens, your spiritual awareness will also increase. The reason for this is because when you become more aware of your natural environment, you start to see why things occur the way they do. This awareness can help you understand who you are and why you are here.
  5. Forgive yourself:   We all fall into traps of selfishness and delusions when we least expect it. The chance remark that wounds, the careless lie, and the irresistible urge to cheat are universal. Forgive yourself for being where you are. Apply the same dictum to yourself that you apply to others: I am doing the best that I can from my own level of consciousness. I like one spiritual master’s definition of the perfect disciple: “One who is always stumbling but never falls.

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