Scoring The Five Language of Love


Take a moment to tally the number of times you checked each individual letter and write the number in the appropriate space provided.

  • A:  Words Of Affirmation
  • B:  Quality of Time
  • C;  Receiving Gifts
  • D:  Acts of Service
  • E:  Physical Touch


Your primary love language is the one that received the highest score. You are “bilingual” and have two primary love languages if point totals are equal for any two love languages. If your second-highest scoring love language is close in score but not equal to your primary love language, then this simply means that both expressions of love are important to you. The highest possible score for any one love language is 12.  You may have scored certain love languages more highly than others, but do not dismiss those other languages as insignificant. Your partner may express love in those ways, and it will be helpful to you to understand this about them.

In the same way, it will benefit your partner to know your love language and express their affection for you in many ways that you interpret as love. Every time you or your partner speaks each other’s language, you score emotional points with one another.

Of course, this isn’t a game with a scorecard! The payoff of speaking each other’s love language is a greater sense of connection. This translates into better communication, increased understanding and ultimately, improved romance.

If your partner has not already done so, encourage them to take The Five Love Languages Profile. Discuss your respective love languages and use this insight to improve your relationship!