The Living Life On Purpose Podcast

With Michael Mukunda Chandra Kohan

The Living Life on Purpose Podcast is show dedicated to inspiring people to achieve their goals and live their dreams to their highest potential.   

We are all spiritual beings on a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth – and the true key to our material health and wealth comes from within.

Spirituality and personal growth doesn’t need to be complicated, and mindfulness doesn’t need to be a chore.  By showing people the way, through inspiring talks with guest experts and weekly dharma talks on learning to live a mindful life, the Living Life on Purpose audience will learn how to  set and achieve goals, connect the little dots that complete life, and discover the keys lasting fulfillment.

Each week listeners will gain a deeper understanding, that Every person has a powerful purpose – one that completes his or her life vision. As we explore different topics on personal growth and spirituality, the audience will learn different ways to have happy and successful life.      

Life is Short: Learn to Live it on Purpose.

Episode 155 with Denise Mahalik: Sound Awakening

Denise is a certified Himalayan Singing Bowl Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor and YogaVoice® Instructor.  She is also a trained energy healer, professional classical singer, voice instructor and kirtaniya. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a Master’s...

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Episode 147 Dharma Talks with Austin Sanderson

Austin moved to NYC in 1998 to attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Design and Production Department. After graduating with his Masters degree in set and costume design, he has spent the next eighteen years working as a designer in the American...

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Episode 141 with Rimma Rabbath

Always willing to be vulnerable, what you see is what you get with Rima who confidently and unabashedly wears her heart on her sleeve. Her innate ability to relate, engage and inspire while holding space for anyone entering the teachings and practices of yoga, allows...

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Episode 127 with Pandit dasa on Mindfulness and Leadership

Pandit Dasa is a Mindful Leadership Expert. He has spoken on Mindful Leadership and conducted workshops at Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, Citi, State Farm, Bank of America, Nationwide, Intel, Novartis, The World Bank, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada, AMC Theatres, UNICEF,...

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Episode 121 with Ghanashyam das: End of LIfe Matters

On this week episode of the Living on Purpose Podcast, I Interview Ghanashyam das. Ghanashyam das lived for 11 years in Brahmachari ashram in New York City at the Bhakti Center as a celibate monk. Presently he is working as a Hindu Chaplain at both New York...

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The Circle of Life

Reveal the “big picture” of your true dreams – and pave the road for a real, personalized action plan

I am a Board Certified Life Coach, a Board Certified Health Coach,  and a teacher of Mindfulness Living who helps people unlock their potential and live life on Purpose

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