Build Relationship by Leaving Your Campsite Better Than You Found It

Every person wants to be liked, heard, loved, and understood, but sadly most people live quiet lives of desperation. As a result, most people are unable to make deep lasting connections and build a positive influence in their community. One key fundamental characteristic of a well-liked individual with a positive influence in the community is the person’s conscious habit and desire to leave other people better than he or she found them.

The real challenge in life is for a person to step out of his or her comfort zone and uncover the inner fortitude to be an upbeat individual and make the world a better place. A truly conscious person finds joy in building positive relationships and recognizes that every person has something special to offer, and this person is at all times open to receiving it. The secret is leaving another person better off than when you first met them or interacted with them. The goal is to leave people feeling stronger, more hopeful, and with greater resilience. May all beings be happy and free and may all our thoughts, words, and actions contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.