What gets you up in the morning and why?

Every person is born with a purpose in life, to fulfill his or her duties, to free him or herself from the illusions of living a mundane life in the material world and reaching harmony by finding joy and happiness through serving others in life. People are meant to be spiritual beings living a material life rather than material beings attempting to live a spiritual life.  A person becomes a spiritual being when he or she uncovers their purpose in life and consistently strives to achieve this intention.

However, and as a result of being caught up in the routine of day-to-day life, by surviving and trying to find happiness in the material world, going through life without intention, it becomes easy for an individual to quickly lose touch with their purpose.  Dreams simply become buried under the stress and strain of life, as a person walks through life, feeling numb and desperate for a deeper connection.   The challenge with being a spiritual being living a material life is staying connected to his or her purpose, and this requires a continuous effort to remain self-aware.  A person must become self-disciplined.  Spiritually minded individuals, living life on purpose, must have the habit of self-improvement and personal growth to the point where he or she embodies what they are meant to achieve in this lifetime.

A person loses sight of their purpose in life and becomes entangled in the material world when and he or she becomes infected with fear and self-doubt. Driven by angst about not having enough or being good enough to achieve his or her dreams, a person makes it their life’s mission to pursue wealth as a way to discover certainty and happiness, rather than discovering their true path in life and finding lasting peace.   When day-to-day actions and reactions stem from fear, it establishes a divide between mind, body, and soul. It disrupts harmony, saps creative energy, and impedes a person’s pursuit of living their life’s purpose. This distraction shadows the joy of working with a sense of meaning, self-sacrifice and finding true fulfillment.

Occasionally a person uncovers their purpose in life at an early age, sets out on the perfect course of study, and spends their entire lives doing what they were meant to do in this lifetime. However for most individuals uncovering their purpose is like the work of a master sculptor, slowly chipping away the stone to reveal the masterpiece underneath.   A person cannot ponder their way to their life’s purpose.  He or she must begin to take action to uncover their“why” in life.  This means taking steps towards what he or she wants in life and removing the things in life that do not serve this vision. Stop searching and start doing.  Take a chance in life and find greatness. May all beings be happy and free and may all our thoughts words and actions contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all

These steps will help you.

  1. Your life purpose matters. Find your “Why”
  2. Your purpose should serve the world around you and make it a better place for all beings.
  3. Your life purpose should enhance your growth as a person.