Why the Fall is the Best Time of the Year to Achieve Your Goals

The fall season is officially my favorite time of the year. I adore everything about autumn: the crisp air, wearing sweaters and scarfs, vegan Thanksgiving, the colorful leaves, pumpkins, hiking, apples, cider, maple syrup, and in times past when I had cable T.V., watching fall football with friends. 

In addition, the fall season represents both a final sprint to the finish line of 2016, attempting to achieve the goals an individual established in January, and creating new beginnings. Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, to enjoy the outdoors and escape from work; this allows a person to find space in their lives to explore new objectives for 2016 and re-establish existing goals. 

Furthermore, people’s actions in fall and the goals they set to accomplish by the end of the year help establish how an individual will live their life next year. A person is not their past; rather, what someone does today determines how they will live tomorrow. The fall is a time of year to be inspired to try new things and undertake new challenges. It’s also the ideal time for one to look at all areas of their life and evaluate how things are at the present moment. 

Experience dictates that whenever a person initiates change in their life, undertakes a new challenge, or begins the journey of personal growth, more often than not they will encounter internal limiting beliefs regarding their potential. What a person believes to be true about themselves becomes their truth. Whatever ideas a person holds true will eventually manifest into their reality. The thought can be based on either truth or a limiting belief.

This scenario is what is responsible for individuals either over- or underachieving in life. If you believe you can't, you probably won't, but if you believe you can, you probably will. The challenge this fall is to let go of self doubt and begin the journey to greatness. Pick up a new personal development book, develop a daily exercise routine, find space in life to take on new challenges, and become limitless and full of endless potential.