The only solution to hate is love

A person’s emotions, influences their thoughts, behaviors and actions towards other people and other beings in this material world, thus creating a personnel belief system on how the material world is structured. This internal belief system that a person considers to be the absolute truth filters how this individual perceives events, views the value of other people and other beings, and even filters what they hear. Consequently, this internal belief system fostered by emotions controls how people behave and interact with the world.  Many different components form a person’s life, including the influences of family, friends, career, spiritual history and present spiritual practices, but an individual’s internal belief systems created by their feelings are a major factor that controls a person’s quality of life

People’s emotions are relentlessly shifting due to the continuous flow of new ideas and beliefs, which are internalized into the subconscious mind and shape a person’s behavior and reactions to life’s circumstances.  This internal process of filtering data controls how an individual feels towards other people and beings. Hatred, an emotional extreme dislike for another person or being, can easily tear us down and more often then not accompanies feelings of anger, disgust and hostility.  This emotion can turn happy moments into bad memories, turn us into a person that other people no longer want to be around, and limits our potential for greatness in this world.

Every person and every being is beautifully unique and has something special to offer the world to make it a better place, without exception. Each person’s experiences shapes their beliefs, thoughts, actions, like and dislikes. However, because we each experience the world separately and form our own distinctive internal belief system based on our emotions, no two people will agree on everything. These disagreements and differences that make the world magnificent can at times cause feelings of indignation and anger. In these challenging circumstances where societies beliefs are tested, it is easier to foster feelings of hatred toward the opposing individuals. However, a more productive habit is to consider each person’s background. Remember, every person and every being is different. Each individual sees things differently. Once a person takes a walk in another individual’s shoes, it become easier to be sympathetic to the situation.  Rather then causing feelings of hatred and animosity, these differences have the potential to provide an opportunity for growth and to learn to be a better being.

The only solution to hate is love. Hate comes in a variety of forms and it is not always easily identified. Hatred typically arises when our belief systems become too rigid and inflexible. These feelings can stem toward a person’s family, a physical object, another culture, an idea, race, or even to a person’s self.  By practicing compassion for all people and all beings including an individual’s self, a person can begin to understand the difference that make this world unique and special.  Understand that every being is perfectly imperfect. Indeed, a person should love everyone, even those who disagree with his or her beliefs.