Finding Significance

Every individual has the inherent desire to feel significant and add value in his or her lifetime.  However, time and again, in our search for importance we more often than not, become tangled in the hierarchical pecking order of comparing ourselves to others.  This is why; we habitually try to dominate and control the people in our lives without regard to their feelings and needs, so we can be special, and feel unique.

In spite of this, true lasting significance does not arise by controlling people, but rather through caring and nurturing of those people and beings around us without attachment or want for something in return.   This is in contrast to societal norms to be the Alpha in the group and take without regard or concern for people and other beings in this material world.  Living a significant life isn’t necessarily easy.  True lasting significance comes when we make a positive lasting difference to someone or some being.   We create a legacy when we contribute to the world around us by uplifting and helping, not by tearing other people down or intentionally causing harm to other beings without regard.

When you get to the end of your life, it will not be the things you own that matter to you, but rather it will be the relationships you built along the way and the people you touched emotionally that gives you a sense of significance.  It’s not always about how much fun we have or how much we enjoy what we’re doing but is instead about how we have expanded and progressed, and what we have gained or learned

When we live life on purpose, we strive to find significance by helping other people and other beings find freedom and joy without asking for anything in return.