How to Achieve your Dreams and Find Fulfillment

Every now and again, do you feel imprisoned in a cage running on a hamster wheel, going nowhere? As a life coach, I am fascinated with trying to understand why certain people live their life’s purpose and consistently achieve their goals while most people are uncertain of their life’s mission. What is meaningful for each person depends on their values, there is no detailed blueprint for living a meaningful and rich life and finding contentment. Discovering fulfillment is a persons’ own individual journey to realize what truly matters in life and then pursuing those goals. Individuals who live life on purpose are continuously examining what is important in life and striving to reach those objectives. This results from mastering the skills necessary to produce an outcome that is aligned with their unique vision.

To create a life of genuine joy and fulfillment, we need to realize that we're all much more than our material bodies. We are more than our titles, positions, relationships, and accomplishments. Fulfillment is the ability to understand, appreciate and enjoy your life, which comes from creating a life of meaning and serving others. A person can have all the success and money in the world but be internally bankrupt. You may have a loving partner and wonderful children and still feel that life has no meaning. Individuals who live life on purpose not only accomplish what they desire but endeavor to experience a sense of fulfillment.  Two things can only accomplish this: continuous growth and continuous contribution beyond oneself. Pleasure can be achieved in the moment and achievement is pleasure. Fulfillment comes from a life of meaning – a life where you feel your life matters in some significant way.

We all have the yearning to be great and live life on purpose. The secret is to find the correct pieces to put together to create your life’s mission. Life only matters and can continue to matter if we feel that we are still fully alive, which is what growth gives us, and that our life matters to something beyond ourselves. Fulfillment is not just about celebrating, appreciating and enjoying your life. It’s about having a meaning. The quality of your life is found in meaning.  I invite you to discover your life’s purpose and investigate new ways of helping make the world a better place for all beings everywhere.