Have you ever walked down the street and noticed someone smiling – for no evident reason – maybe walking hand in hand with a friend or loved one, appearing completely at ease? You might say they live a “charmed life.” These are the people who effortlessly find the perfect relationships and job, love their bodies, enjoy food, and drink freely and without worry.

Do you feel like you could never reach that point, like you’re always struggling and spinning your wheels to no avail? The truth is, everyone has the ability to live this type of life. The key is playing to your strengths, and seeking supporting the areas you need it. There’s a concept called “playing your free square.” Your free square is the area of your life that comes naturally to you. What are your inherent talents? What have you always been good at and been complimented on? Maybe you’re an organization queen, amazing singer, or excellent chef. Humans are notorious for playing down their natural skills, rather than using them to the fullest.

When things come naturally to us, we think it’s nothing, since they’ve always been easy for us. When we flex our natural strengths, we can support others in these areas, and vice versa. Do you see the power balance here? It’s your duty to play up your free square! Start brainstorming the activities that are second nature to you, and what people have always complimented you on. Also, try practicing some “charmed life” exercises such as those outlined on the right. Together, with your free square, you’ll discover an amazing life you never knew existed!

  1. Enlarge Your World
  2. Follow Your Heart
  3. Decide That Your’re Beautiful
  4. Conserve Your Energy
  5. Cultivate Compassion
  6. Change With The Seasons
  7. Redefine
  8. Drink Good Coffee, Eat Good Food
  9. Stop to Realize
  10. Be Specific
  11. Dig In the Dirt
  12. Ask for What You Want
  13. Make the Bed
  14. Enhance Your Environment
  15. Breathe
  16. Delight In Details
  17. Trust Your Instincts
  18. Invite Adventure
  19. Call a Truce with the Clock
  20. Factor in Down Time