Trusting In Your Instincts

“Trust instinct to the end, even though you can give no reason.”   - Ralph Waldo Emerson

            What does it mean to trust in your instinct?  I have a tendency in life to work hard and stay focused on my goals.  As a result, I have a habit to progress forward blindly without hesitation into circumstances that are not always the right fit.  These conditions frequently fall into two categories 1) relationships and 2) workplace opportunities.  I work really hard in a relationship that I know in the long run will not work out (either romantic or friendship) or I put all my energy into a workplace job opportunity that does fit my cultural lifestyle.  

I habitually find myself after a couple of months of sacrificing my routines, habits and principles exhausted, burnt out and frustrated.  Having to start over again because I made the choice, not to pay attention to my instincts.   We all have this innate ability within us to listen to ourselves and make better decisions that bring us enjoyment and positive results.   Through experience, I have discovered that I characteristically cease listening to my higher self and trust in my instincts, when I either allow my worries to make my decisions or when I permit my material ego take control of my actions. 
            I challenge you to have to courage to listen to your higher self and trust in your instincts.   We all born with have the natural tendency to know right from wrong. We all know when something is beneficial to our lives or will cause us harm down the road.  The trick is to know the difference between our natural instincts or when we are being controlled by fear and ego.  I challenge you to look deeply at yourself and see where you can improve upon this point.