About two weeks ago i was taking a yoga class, and somehow by chance someone accidentally stepped on my cell phone.  The screen was cracked and damaged beyond usage.  Luckily the yoga studio I was processing at, offered to pay for the repairs if I left my phone with them for about a week.  I agreed and I reverted to my old iPhone 4s.

All day long, I drive across central Jersey teaching yoga and working with clients, and while I race across town teaching I listen to Podcast on my cell phone.  I am a huge podcast Junkie, but what I am mostly addicted to, is personal development podcast that uplift me and make me a better person.  I am naturally exuberant and a goal orientated person (I am a 3 on the Ennegram personality chart), that regularly feels the need to accomplish daily my goals.  These personal development podcast completely calm me down and provide me with the daily tools and life skills I need to stay focused, centered and connect to my inner true self.    I love listening to thought leaders and entrepreneurs, that teach me business development skills, social networking skills, and provide me with the tools i need to embodied my best self

I pride myself on being a positive person and a thought leader in the community.  I love helping people find their path in life and help individuals live up to their potential.  I think of myself as a self-reliant person comfortable with both my strengths and weaknesses.  It is my calling to teach yoga and coach others in life and to give people the tools they need to help and heal themselves.  However the only way I can do this effectively and stay truthful to my mission, is to live by example in life and live up to the standards i teach. One of my tools, is listening daily to personal development books and podcast that continually teach me the skills in life to be successful in all my endeavors both professionally and in my personal life.

Now to the nitty gritty.  Because I did not have my iphone 6 i was unable to listen to any of my favorite podcast episodes.  My cell phone software was unable to handle the streaming or downloading from Itunes.   As a result, i started to what I like to call backslide.  I starting losing focus on my goals in life and starting sleeping less and watching T.V more and more.  My good habits were starting to slowly go away.  i was also becoming needy and instead of looking at myself for approval, i started looking to others especially studio owners.  This all happened for me because I was no-longer providing myself regularly with the information and skills I need to be a self reliant successful person.
It is important in life to consistently be mindful of the information we put into our brains.  For what we listen to and what we pay attention to is who we become.  The decision to choose to think different and decide to work on yourself and look for growth is not easy but rewarding.  The world tells us not to think differently, but to fit in.  I say no to that.  I say stand out and stand proud.  Surround yourself with positive people and listen to positive thought leaders and you will live a positive life.   We all matter - the difference between a leader and a follower, is the difference between believing in ourselves or looking to others for approval.

Being a leader and being comfortable with who we are as an individual is learned and only happens through consistent and continuous effort over a long extend period of time.  As any successful person that has both professional and personal success will tell you without hesitation that their secret is the continuous studied of the science of personal development and business development.  I will be adding to my website a list of recommend podcast for you to begin to listen to that I believe will help you become the best person you can be in life.  Hopefully this list will be up shortly.