New Beginnings and Change

I love everything about the fall.  When I think of the  fall i think of apple picking, pumpkins, sweater weather, hot cider the changing of the leaves.  To me fall is all about new beginnings.  A New Season of fall sports, fall T.V.,  back to school clothes, and a re-commitment to our goals in life.  

Looking at my fall schedule and goals Ii ask myself, why is personal growth so hard?  The only answer I can come up with is,   I believe that personal growth is so hard because it requires us to change who we are and individuals and our identification with ourselves and the world around us.  This freaks us out—probably even more than public speaking, Whether a relationship starts or ends, you're moving, you've got a new job, or you've lost someone you love, change—whether it's good or bad—causes stress.   Coping with change well, rather than losing your mind, only requires an adjustment on your outlook.

Coping with change isn't that hard. Basically, your brain likes information it knows and understands and doesn't like what it doesn't know. If your brain experiences enough change in a variety of ways, it'll allow you to operate with the understanding that change is something you can survive and even benefit from. 

I hope that as your continue on your journey this fall in life, you continue to commit to your goals of personal growth  Nobody said it was easy to become your best higher self, nor is it easy to understand what your best self is in this lifetime.   Only a few people in life, figure out who they really are and that is okay.  The rest of us, including myself, do our best in life and continue to try and become our best selves through  constant effort.  It is a never ending goal that should be embraced and celebrated.  I look forward to your growth and I look forward to growing with you as a person.