Stretching Ourselves to find our Passion

It is Sunday afternoon and I am sitting in Starbucks after teaching 3 yoga classes. This is my time to reflect on my week.  What life lessons can I gleam from the week and is there anything I can share with people to inspire them to greatness?

 Ideas quickly turn to thoughts of stretching ourselves in new areas of personal growth.   I took my first yoga class in 1998 and in 2001, I began to study yoga with serious intentions.  My primary focus, with the physical practice of Asana yoga, is based on the Asthanga / Vinyasa yoga style where movement is matched to the breath   The asana focus is based on the individual going inside and finding a meditative state where he or she can discover who they truly are, there purpose in life (dharma) and connect everything to the divine.

After 17 wonderful years of study, I decided take my third Yoga Teacher Training course based on physical Alignment, and the biomechanics behind an individual's physical application to yoga.  Learning how to use yoga postures to heal and strengthen the body instead of diving into the soul.  I made theis conscious choice to grow and stretch myself as a yoga teacher. 

The first 6 months of study were difficult.  I felt that I was the class dunce. I would leave the teacher training frustrated, cursing and bitching to whoever would listen.

I never gave up and after 6 months on the 11th hour of the final day of training this week i had my “aha” moment.  I began to comprehend this new teaching method.  I knew that there was truth behind these lessons,  if I kept learning and  if i took my ego out of the picture I would eventually figure it out.   It was very hard to accept this truth, that what I know in regards to yoga, my passion and dharma in life, was being challenged.  And going through this experience has made me both a better teacher and a better person

As i sit here, i ask, what can you do to stretch yourself and grow as a person?  Is it to finally write that book you have been putting off, or developing better eating habits. Is it to commit to setting goals and achieving greatness in the next 12 months ,or to make more time to travel.  Is it a chance to develop a meaning relationship with someone, or to learn a new language.  Maybe it’s to find love with someone that lives across the country (this is my own personal goal).  It could be learning a new language, or going back to school to enhance your career.  Saving money to take that dream vacation or just spending a little more time reading uplifting books. The choices are limitless.