I feel accomplished when I push myself to go after more. Being consistent in what I accept ensures that I achieve at peak level.

My expectations are lofty for both what I give and what I accept from others. I challenge myself to work beyond the previous day’s accomplishments. Sometimes I miss the mark, but it is hardly due to a lack of effort.

Pushing myself allows me to have days where I see my strength. My capabilities are incomparable when I consistently give my all.

Even when I am doing a task that is uninteresting, I work at it diligently. Anything that I commit my time to is worth being done well. My reputation of being an industrious colleague precedes me.

The same level of expectation exists when I consider what is due to me. I refuse to be given less than I am worth.

I know the skills and drive that I put into anything I do, so I avoid cheating myself of reciprocal reward. My relationships are strong and lasting because I believe in them being a two-way street.

My friends and I understand each other and know what we each need. I know that to maintain relationships, the balance of effort and reward is paramount.

Whenever I find someone attempting to downplay my value, I am vocal about it. My voice is the tool that keeps me from being taken for granted.

Today, setting standards for myself ensures that I know both my strength and my value. I am committed to settling for only what I know I deserve.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  What value do I put on my talents that are unproven?

2.  How far does self-belief take me when I am dealing with unfamiliar situations?

3.  What standards do I set for the type of job that suits me?


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