Check out this week’s affirmation on the value of your personal skills  My skills are valuable.

A skill is an ability to do something. You will feel more confident when you are doing things you are already skilled at.

My skills are valuable.

I stay relevant and adapt to change. My skill set prepares me for success.  My skills are valuable.

I have skills that employers are looking for. I am a high performer who can contribute to many organizations in different ways. I can deal with any job insecurity and advance my career.

I communicate effectively. I speak clearly and respectfully. I listen closely to what my boss and coworkers have to say. I share constructive feedback. I discuss sensitive subjects face to face. I think about the purpose behind my communications.

I demonstrate team spirit and leadership. I collaborate with others and celebrate group victories. I provide a positive role model.

I take initiative. I go beyond my job descriptionMy skills are valuable.

I stay calm under pressure, develop solutions, and persevere through obstacles. I identify challenges and evaluate my options.

I adjust my plans so I can stay on track through budget cuts or network crashes. I use setbacks as opportunities to grow.

I master technology and continue learning. I take online courses. I attend conferences and training events. I join professional associations and subscribe to industry publications.

I acquire knowledge and skills that help me to reach my goals.

Today, I take charge of my career path even in uncertain times. I strengthen my skills and keep them up to date.  My skills are valuable.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one new skill I want to develop?
  2. How can my hobbies help me to strengthen my job skills?
  3. How can I pursue opportunities for growth in my current job?


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