My heart and mind are in sync.

Feeling and thinking are two important actions that I utilize each day. At times, I am tempted to follow either my heart or my mind, but I act wisely. I rely on both of them to guide me through life.

Synchronizing my heart and mind means reconciling the things that I desire with logical priorities in my life.

It is my dream to travel extensively. But it is unwise to follow my heart at the expense of my financial stability. Instead of fully giving in to my desires, I put a financial plan in place to achieve them in due course.

That means allocating a small portion of my earnings to my travel goals while taking care of my monthly commitments.

It is possible to have what my heart seeks without disrupting the practical flow and balance of my life. I commit to the discipline it takes to put priorities first and enjoy the fruits of my labor later.

I am realistic about what my body is able to handle. Although I like to challenge myself with workouts, I am wise about what I choose to do.

It is pointless to overextend myself and lose the ability to do anything at all. Smart decisions take me further in life than impulsive ones. I use that fact to remind myself to take it easy at the gym.

Today, I continue to work on balancing the desires of my heart with practical decision-making. It is this ability that allows me to achieve greater things in life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  When is it okay to indulge a little?

2.  How do I reward myself for achieving major milestones?

3.  What is the thought process that I undergo when making a decision?


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