Each day, I get a little closer to living my dream. I can see progress in every aspect of my life. The progress I make gives me more enthusiasm and motivation. I gain momentum each day.

I know my dreams are coming true.

When I review each part of my life, it is easy to see my progress. My progress grows each day. Like a snowball rolling down a mountain, I gain speed at a greater rate each day than the day before.

I am unstoppable.

Progress can be slow at first, but over time, positive things seem to happen. It is almost like magic. The manifestations I see of my dreams today are the result of the work I have done in the past.

Every seed I plant to reach my goals blossoms. I am ready to reap my rewards.

I am grateful for all the good things happening in my life at this moment. As my dreams manifest, the positive emotions are growing greater each day. I have the power to control my destiny.

Today, I am proud of all that I am accomplishing. My dreams are manifesting before my eyes.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my five most important goals? What signs do I see of making progress toward those goals?
  2. What habits could I develop that would make progress toward my goals automatic?
  3. How is my life better today than it was five years ago?


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