Marquita Myrick is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mindset Coach and creator of “The Breaking Mindset Barriers for Professional Counselors” coaching program. She is dedicated to assisting counselors in reigniting their passion through burnout recovery and mindset transformation.

By creating safe spaces for people to heal, Marquita has assisted hundreds of individuals in improving their mental health and now focuses on supporting counselors in removing limiting beliefs that hold their passion hostage.

Here is What You Will Learn on Todays Show

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs on Purpose
  • Tapping Into Potential; The Self-awareness Required to Achieve Goals
  • Failure is a Habit
  • What would you say is the first step to addressing limiting beliefs?

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Free copy of the “The Counselor’s Block; 5 Burnout Traits Counselors MUST Heal From Before Embracing Career Transition.


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