Six Lives Exercise - Understanding Our Success Values - Interprations

TEACHER: Organizational Excellence and Teamwork. A life devoted to leading and helping teams achieve at high levels. Success resides in a career built on group accomplishment and recognition. This person also develops the talents and abilities of others and takes satisfaction from their achievements. Family is also important.

BANKER: A Life of Personal Loyalty and Commitment. A life characterized by a strong sense of duty, loyalty, and personal commitment to specific people and organizations. These may be close friends, family members, or work partners. Success springs from maintaining and nurturing these loyalties.

WEALTHY INVESTOR: Power, Independence, Glamour, and Variety. A life that takes on high-stakes, publicly visible challenges. Success comes from winning through the creation of a successful enterprise, the use of individual skills, strategic acumen, and competitive energy. Pleasure, variety, and sensation are high priorities.

STONE MASON: Craftsmanship and Family. Recognition, fame, or fortune means little. Intrinsic motivation is sufficient to give you satisfaction. Success is measured by creating your work, completing defined tasks to the best of your ability, and strong devotion to your family.

TENNIS PRO: Individual Excellence. A life of disciplined practice and hard work within a defined career that measures success through recognized, individual achievement. Family is a priority, but excelling at your chosen work is first.

NONPROFIT EXECUTIVE: Answering a Spiritual/Values-Based Calling. A life characterized by work that embodies core beliefs and values. Success comes from using one’s best abilities to serve a higher cause — and bringing your family to share those beliefs.