L.L.O.P Episode 71

Learning to Live Mindfully

Clarissa Hughes is a Mindfulness Coach.   She has faced many of the challenges that come with juggling a career a family and living in 24/7 demanding world. She spent a lot of time trying to please a lot of people and yet often still end up merely feeling anxious, guilty, inadequate, tired and overwhelmed with life.

She fell into a pattern of work, eat and sleep. She was unclear about what truly mattered to me.

A job crisis woke her up. She became aware that to start to thrive she needed to slow down and to take responsibility for my choices and actions rather than feeling like a victim to my life.

She needed to learn how to say no to those things and people that didn’t align to what brings joy, meaning, and purpose to my life. She needed to find some self-compassion and practice self-care

She retrained in mindfulness with Breathworks and became an iRest Yoga Nidra trainer. On that journey, She became acutely aware of how small mindful moments scattered throughout the day helped me.

In her mindfulness business, she empowers and support people to creatively respond, rather than react, to life’s challenges.

She helps them cultivate greater self-love so they can live a life that is awake, alive and aligned with what truly matters to them.

Mindfulness as a  Way of Living: Mindfulness gives us the ability to practice being aware of ourself

Show Notes:  

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On today’s podcast episode, Clarissa shares her story, herbackground, and provides you with wisdom on mindfulness and learning to live a peaceful life in a fast pace world.

During today’s conversation, here’s what you’ll learn​:

  1. Breathing is the most effective in using the breath to allow you to Anchor yourself in the body
  2. How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation: Acknowledging our thoughts – and letting go of the negative
  3. Learning to turn to the positive and move away from the negative
  4. Howto Resit the negative: and grasp the pleasure
  5. How to Look for the positive: By Developing A Gratitude Practice
  6. How to overcome exhaustion



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