I take time for myself.

My well-being is a top priority. I appreciate the importance of downtime and play. I am happier and more productive when I take regular breaks.

I keep track of my schedule. Knowing where my time goes allows me to cut down on irrelevant tasks and focus on the things that matter.

I create opportunities for private moments. I arrive at the office ahead of my colleagues. I take my dog for long walks. I trade childcare duties with my spouse so we can both enjoy a little solitude each weekend.

I minimize distractions. I turn off my phone and stop watching the clock. I give my full attention to the current moment without worrying about making dinner or preparing for a meeting at work.

I use my time alone in many ways. I rest and relax. I take a warm bath or an afternoon nap. I paint my toenails or book a massage.

I engage in activities that I enjoy. I spend time on my hobbies. I listen to music at home or visit a local art museum. I fly a kite or write a poem.

I learn and grow. I read about topics that interest me. I meditate and pray. I evaluate how I am doing with my current goals and identify new challenges to pursue.

Today, I carve out time for myself. Self-care replenishes my resources and helps me to lead a more meaningful life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  How can I tell my family and friends that I need time for myself?

2.  What is one place I can use as my sanctuary?

3.  What are some telltale signs that I need to take a break?


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