I give my full attention to what I am doing now. I am aware and alert.

I let go of expectations. I accept reality. I deal with current conditions instead of resisting them. I love myself just as I am. I appreciate others without judging them or wishing that they were different.

I welcome change and tolerate discomfort. I know that living consciously requires effort. I examine my thoughts and feelings. I take worthwhile risks. I grow wiser and more skillful.

I treat myself and others with compassion. I am kind and forgiving. I free myself from anger and resentment.

I overcome challenges. Conscious living gives me greater strength and energy. I enjoy a sense of purpose. I believe in my ability to create the results I want.

I simplify my life. I limit my consumption and distractions. I am content with what I have.

I savor my food. I plan healthy meals for my family and me. We sit down together to share nourishment and conversation.

I play with my children. They teach me how to use my imagination and have fun.

I meditate daily. I still my mind and sharpen my concentration. I gain insights about myself. I feel more connected and secure.

Today, I make conscious choices rather than automatically repeating old habits. I feel fully awake. I appreciate the beauty and peace that surrounds me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  How does mindfulness help me to relieve stress?

2.  What is the difference between awareness and judgement?

3.  How can I design my schedule to reflect my priorities?


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