I pursue my dreams. I set goals that challenge me but are still reachable. I use my objectives to guide me in managing my time and channeling my resources.

I analyze my progress. I consider my strengths and the areas where I need to grow. I set interim milestones that keep me on track. I adjust my plans as needed while remaining true to my vision.

I screen out distractions. I clear away clutter from my desk and mind. I plan my day and block out time for my priorities. I cut back on activities that drain my time.

I practice self-care. I eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and sleep well. I keep my mind and body in peak condition.

I take the initiative. I create my own opportunities. I make things happen.

I value learning. I work hard and take risks. I view each experience as a chance to add to my talents. I take courses online and sign up for training at work. I read books and subscribe to blogs about my industry.

I ask for advice and feedback. I team up with colleagues who share my vision. I choose partners who complement my skills and challenge me to exceed my past performance.

I remember my purpose. I stay motivated by keeping my goals in mind. I am willing to persevere as long as it takes to reach my goal.

Today, I am fully committed to success. I believe in myself and my abilities. I overcome obstacles and stick to my resolutions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.  Why is a positive attitude important for success?

2. How can I build up my mental strength?

3. What is my definition of success?


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