First, sleeping with a virgin will require more prep work. A virgin will not know what to expect her first time. This means you will have to do some prep work to make sure that she is comfortable with everything. The older she is, the harder it’ll be to sleep with her. Imagine, if she has kept her virginity well into her 20s, it should be that much harder to persuade her into sleeping with you.


Next, there is a very high chance of a freak out. The potential of her freaking out before or after sex is very high. She might decide at the last minute to wait after marriage or because she might experience guilt feelings. If the slightest thing doesn’t go right, chances are she’ll tear up and become emotional. Save her virginity and do us a favor.


Another reason not to sleep with a virgin is because she might become attached to you. It’s fairly likely that if you devirginize a woman, you’ll be expecting to have a long relationship together. Very few girls imagine that a guy would drop simply after sharing intimate time together.


Then, a great reason to avoid having sex with a virgin is because she might lack the skills. Since she’s unexperienced, she will most likely not be so good in bed.


Lastly, sleeping with a virgin might become really messy! Being penetrated the first time is likely to hurt her and result in some bleeding.