Step 1

Bring the baby into the room where she will sleep.

Step 2

Keep the stimulus level low. Turn on a dim light, talk in soft voices if at all, and cut out any possible distractions that may exist, no mobile, music, toys, or playing with the baby.

Step 3

Make sure that the baby has a clean diaper and then swaddle him.

Step 4

Feed the baby then burp her on your shoulder. If you breastfeed pump some milk in the morning to give to your baby at night because breast milk is much richer in the morning and will satisfy your baby more.

Step 5

Once you are done burping, keep the baby on your shoulder, do not hold in your arms. This eliminates the feeling of being held tight. If you hold the baby in your arms, she gets accustomed to the warmth and closeness this provides and expects to feel so snug, however, once you lay the baby down she soon realizes that she is missing that security and wakes up.

Step 6

Once the baby is asleep, directly lay him down. Do not rock, sway, or create any extra movement because the baby will expect to feel it while sleeping. If the baby begins to wake up or get fussy, place your hand on his stomach until he drifts off again.

Step 7

Hop into bed and enjoy your two to four hours of sleep until the next round starts. When the day begins, now you can hold your baby in your arms, rock, sway, dance, sing and play!


Your Wellness Yogi