6 Human Needs


All of us have basic needs, not merely desires but profound needs that underlie and motivate every choice we make. There are six universal human needs that can be satisfied in negative or positive ways. They are: Certainty, Significance, Uncertainty/Variety, Love/Connection, Growth and Contribution.The first four are essential to human survival. The last two are essential to human fulfillment.



GROWTH: The fifth need is for growth. When we stop growing, we die. We need to constantly develop intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. We grow and change physically as we develop from infancy to adulthood and old age. We grow and change emotionally with every experience, and we grow intellectually as we respond to events and to the world around us. Anything that you want to remain in your life – your money, your health, your relationship, your happiness, love – must be cultivated, developed and expanded. Otherwise, it will degenerate. Some people satisfy the need to grow by working out physically or by reading books. Others need to study and learn constantly in order to feel that they are truly growing.


I need to constantly develop new skills, learn new things, and improve at what I already know. I have to develop my self physically, emotionally, intellectually and/or spiritually. I need to be constantly growing.

How This Beliefs Serves You

There is always a new challenge and something new to learn. I’m not dependent on others in order to find joy in learning. I’m self sufficient and active in my pursuits. I’m not attached to material possessions. It’s not about what I have; it’s about what I know and what I’m able to do.

The Principles You Lost Sight Of

Connecting and giving to others can be more fulfilling than acquiring new knowledge and skills. There can be more pleasure in sharing than in accumulating.

The Consequences of Losing Sight Of This Principle

I can be seen as reserved and unwilling to share. I can become detached and overly private. I tend to under value relationships.



I focus on learning, studying, developing my skills and being the best I could possibly be.


I conserve my energy and focus away from feelings in order to learn everything there is to be learned. I am self-contained and I set careful limits to protect my time and privacy.


If my need to grow is tied to developing physically, I will do whatever is necessary to stay healthy and fit.

What You Avoid

I will do anything to avoid feeling inadequate or drained. I avoid demands and intrusions on the privacy that allows me to focus on my own personal growth.


I’m respectful of others. I’m thoughtful, calm and dependable. I like to think that I’m a model of self - improvement for others.

Communication Style

Because I like to focus on content and facts, people might see me as distant. Words that I use frequently are: I, me, my self, know, learn, grow, develop, understand, analyze, accomplish, goals.


I’m stressed when I feel tired or dependent on others. Intrusions on my privacy are stressful to me.


I become defensive when there are intrusions or limitations on what I want to do. I can become angry when people interfere with my need for privacy.


I’m careful when expressing emotions but I can have outbursts of temper when I feel intruded upon.


Your Goal

My goal is to be able to pursue my growth while enjoying relationships and connection with people. I need to be able to experience joy and pleasure in many ways, not just by learning.

What To Do

I need to find balance in life by focusing more on others, rather than on my own growth and development. I need to experience pleasure in giving, to be less reserved and give priority to love and relationships. I need to take better care of those I love.

What Interferes With Your Goal

The belief that I’m not worthy if I don’t constantly improve myself. The importance that I give to privacy interferes with my goal. I need to recognize that I can appear self-centered.

How Others Can Support You In Your Goal

Others can appreciate my ability to be self sufficient and independent as well as my willingness to live and let live, while at the same time encouraging me to be more social and loving.