Harrison Monarth is an executive coach, based in New York City, and over the past 15 years he has worked personally with over 60 FORTUNE 500 CEOs and thousands of senior leaders globally at companies like, GE, PepsiCo, Deloitte, P&G, MetLife, CHANEL, General Motors and HP to name a few.

Harrison Monarth helps managers and leaders better understand their style and impact on others, broaden their strategic perspective, improve stakeholder relationships, overcome ingrained behavioral patterns, and reach critical goals. 

On Today’s Podcast Here is What You Will Learn:

  • Executive Presence – What it is and why we need it is useful in many areas of life, not just business
  • How to Understand Organizational Culture
  • How to Network and Build Relationships

What Else You Will Learn on Today’s Show

  • What gets people ahead in in their careers and companies?
  • What is executive presence and why do you need it to get ahead?
  • How can we make better first impressions?
  • How do you develop a personal brand and why is it important?

Additional Resources

To help people assess their executive presence we have a 15-min free self-assessment at www.executivepresenceindicator.com


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