Episode 115 with Beau Adams:  

How People Can Change their Lives and Live and Live their wildest Dreams

Dr. Beau Adams received his bachelor of arts in communications from the Georgia State University before earning a master’s of divinity at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Additionally, he has also achieved a Ph.D. in organizational leadership at the University of Phoenix.

Adams is the pastor of the Community Bible Church in Stockbridge, Georgia. The church—which currently has a membership of six thousand Christians—reaches an audience of thousands more both locally and internationally through its online campuses and satellite locations. It has been mentioned in Outreach magazine’s list of the hundred fastest-growing churches in America several times.

Adams has long been associated with Dr. John Maxwell’s EQUIP Ministries; he regularly assists in the training of pastors and church leaders, as well as speaking [DW1] in various countries, such as Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, and Portugal.

Beau is married to Kim, and they now have two adult children. According to Beau, he is the owner of “the greatest dog in the world.” Beau is also the Atlanta Falcons #2 fan (Kim is #1).

Here’s what you will learn during today’s conversation:


  • How People Can Change their Lives and Live out their wildest dreams.
  • Why do we move away from God – and strive for material pleasures that never actually brings us happiness instead of finding happiness with God.
  • 7 Stupid Things People Do to Mess Up Their Lives:  Referring to the book of Proverbs, Adams interprets Solomon’s insights for a modern audience. You’ll discover seven of the stupid ways people [DW2] mess up their lives. You’ll also learn how to avoid those traps and make a better life for yourself, which is equally important.
  • Stones of Gratitude:  This little book is a series of stepping stones down that[DW3]  path. In Stones of Gratitude, Dr. Beau Adams explains how a single act of gratitude changed the course of history for an entire nation.

Topics covered:


  • Seven Stupid Things People Do To Mess Up Their Lives (And How Not To Do Them).
  • How Choosing Gratitude, Even During The Most Challenging Times, Can Change Your Life.
  • Restoration and healing for your soul and how to discover your life.


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