On this week episode of the Living on Purpose Podcast, I Interview Ghanashyam das. Ghanashyam das lived for 11 years in Brahmachari ashram in New York City at the Bhakti Center as a celibate monk. Presently he is working as a Hindu Chaplain at both New York Presbyterian Hospital and NYU University Hospital.

Ghanshyam das is a priest and a spiritual teacher at the Bhakti Center.  He is the co-founder of The End of Life Matters Program at The Bhakti Center, an end of life care initiative.

End of Life Matters is a gathering providing support and connection for those caring for others in their final stage of life.  People are invited to share their own discoveries and challenges with an experienced and supportive group. At times, being a caregiver can be challenging, isolating, or overwhelming.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the challenge of caring-giving, time with these devoted professionals can be invaluable. In these conversations we will also explore & encourage how community members may get involved in developing the Inspirit Initiative.

End of Life Matters is offered and produced by InSpirit, a Bhakti Center Social Initiative. To learn more about InSpirit, please click here

On Today’s Podcast You will learn


  • What is a Spiritual caregiver
  • The Experience of death and dying
  • Karma and Incarnation


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