Consumption of whole organic foods is a growing trend. It should come as no surprise especially with the constant focus both on our nations health and global warming.

There are lots of reasons you should choose to buy organic foods.

It’s predicted that organic foods will eventually cost a lot less then conventionally grown foods. The reason is due to the cost of fertilizers and pesticides that non-organic farmers use.

Eating organic foods means improving your overall health. The first and most obvious reason is because you’re no longer ingesting chemicals. There is no way to accurately measure how many pesticides,herbicides, and hormones we digest on a day to day basis. An average piece of produce can be sprayed over 50 times before it’s harvested and shipped to the supermarket shelf. It also may get additional chemical treatments to increase its shelf life. Then we take it home, rinse it off, and eat it. We then fool ourselves into believing that we took in adequate nutrition. In reality what nutrition was left will be used to detoxify our bodies of what we just ingested.

A new study just revealed that the better percentage of the human population is under-nourished. Woman take the lead in that category at a whopping 93%, that’s a pretty scary number. Especially when so many woman are taking on the role of both a professional and a mother. It takes a large amount of energy to juggle both. It’s dangerous to your health when your body is not nourished enough to fuel you with the energy you need to properly manage stress.

Another study even discovered that woman who eat diets high in processed and chemically treated foods greatly increased their chances of having a miscarriage.

There are a number of other health benefits to eating organic foods. Eating organic foods can help you to better manage your weight. When your body gets the proper amount of nutrients that it needs it no longer goes into defense mode. The less chemicals you ingest the less toxins in your body. When you have less toxins you have a great deal more energy, thus increasing your activities. Also your immune system is no longer under constant attack. This makes it easier to fight of colds, infections, and be less susceptible to other diseases of the immune system.

If you haven’t heard the term “go green!”, you might be living in a cave. When you “go green” it means you’re doing what you can to eliminate global warming. Eating organic is one of the many contributions you can make to help stop global warming. Many non-organic farmers use nitrogen based fertilizers. Nitrogen based fertilizers contribute nitrous oxide, a green house gas. Green hose gases effect climate, thus increasing the effects of global warming.

When you eat organic you will feel better all around. Not just physically, but emotionally too. You’ll feel good because your doing something good for your body and for your planet.


Your Wellness Yogi