Homeopathy to Help Treat Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, affects everyone at some point, but for many people is a long-term problem. There are endless factors that can cause bad breath, such as bad oral hygiene, smoking, dry mouth, diet factors and dental problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

The most important step in treating bad breath is treating the cause. Oftentimes this takes time, such as dental work or diet changes. It’s also important to make sure to follow proper oral hygiene. However, there are also some simple methods can be used to help with bad breath. This includes homeopathy, which is a form of alternative medicine. Homeopathy works to help treat bad breath that is caused by specific factors, making it more effective than most general treatments for bad breath.

Mercurius Solubilis and Pulsatilla for Bad Breath

The homeopathic medicine known as mercurius solubilis should be taken by those with offensive bad breath that is caused by tooth decay. This homeopathic treatment works especially well if the tongue is coated in yellow and the person has excess salivation. Ideally around 30C potency of mercurius solubilis should be taken twice daily.

The homeopathic medicine known as pulsatilla should be taken by those with bad breath that is sour. Oftentimes this bad breath is caused be eating lots of foods that are high in fat, so this treatment works best for those with a high fat diet. This treatment works especially well for those that eat a lot of meat, especially meat that is high in fat such as red meats. Ideally around 30C potency of pulsatilla should be taken twice per day.

Nux Vomica for Bad Breath

The homeopathic remedy known as nux vomica should be taken by those with bad breath that is accompanied with either heartburn or constipation. This treatment works best for those with bad breath that drink a lot of alcohol, or have bad breath that is caused or worsened by drinking alcohol. Ideally around 30C potency of nux vomica should be taken twice per day.


Although homeopathy can be very helpful with the treatment of bad breath, it should always be used along with proper oral hygiene. Homeopathic remedies are readily available at many grocery stores, especially large chains and natural based grocery stores. Although homeopathic medicines require no professional diagnosis, it is easy to find a licensed homeopath that can assist in finding the best homeopathic remedies for an individual.


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Healing Breath Therapy

Our breath has the power to indulge the mind and the body into a serenity space. Breathing gently brings the mind and body into a state of peace, while is powerfully nourishing each cell in our body filling us with life. The Healing Breath Therapy is one branch of what most people know as Rebirthing.

What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing was originated by Leonard Orr in 1962. The breathing technique that Orr developed was based on the healing of his own birth trauma. A few years later, Sondra Ray begins working together with Leonard Orr and both worked towards the expansion of Rebirthing. This therapy helps in the healing of the trauma a new born experiences. After healing birth or the early years of a child, most people feel healthy, with mental clarity and emotional well-being.

The Modern Version of Rebirthing

Today, Healing Breath Therapy is the modern version of Rebirthing. The Healing Breath Therapy uses a diversity of breathing techniques to enhance the well-being, emotionally and physically. “The Healing Breath Therapy is a breathing process that helps to bring emotions, memories, and heal those emotions through the process of breathing,” explained Rev. Rael Flamenco D.D.PhD., Rebirther for more than 25 years.

This breathing therapy has become an interesting healing process to restore the physical and emotional health. Like in Rebirthing, every Healing Breath Therapy session is unique. No session can be the same, even for the same person. Every session works towards the empowerment of each individual by liberating any harmful thoughts and memories. “Each technique is developed to make a vibration in your body to release whatever is blocking your life from happiness,” said Rev. Flamenco.

“People are restricted to show emotions, such as anger or happiness, and this is repressing their natural spiritual system. People have a tendency to suppress their feelings since childhood. People grow up repressing themselves and pleasing other people,” continued Rev. Flamenco.

Healing Breath Exercise

1.Find a comfortable space to sit.

2.Close the eyes and start breathing in and out through the nostrils. Inhale and feel the ribs and stomach expand. Exhale and feel the movement of the ribs and stomach contracting.

3.Listen to the breath going in and out. The body will start relaxing while feeling the rhythm in your ribs and stomach from the breath.

4.Choose an affirmation, something easy or simply a word. Start repeating the affirmation and keep breathing.

5.To finish the exercise, start slowly moving your arms and legs and then open the eyes.

“At the moment a person starts consciously breathing, he or she is closing the door to the outside and focusing on itself,” said Rev. Flamenco.

The most important thing in Rebirthing or the Healing Breath Therapy is the comfort and respect to the person who is experiencing the Breath Therapy. This is why it is very important to know the certification and experience of the rebirther or the instructor of any kind of Breath Therapy.


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