Balance and Self Care Coaching

Decide for yourself what it means to have a balanced life and what works for you.

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Learn to Care for yourself physically,
emotionally, and mentally

Assess Your Current Balance & Self-Care Levels

Examine Your Specific Self-Care Needs

Discover What you need to let go of to live your life on purpose

We live in a society that loves achievement, qualifications, status and success. Many people work themselves extremely hard to get there – ignoring what their bodies and minds are telling them. 

But what’s the point of success, a great career – if you’re always stressed, overwhelmed, don’t see much of your family and friends (or are grumpy/tired when you do see them)? 

Sadly, life balance and self-care are often seen as “soft” requirements – something high achievers don’t (or shouldn’t) need.

We get the message we should just be able to soldier on through illness and stress. Where do you start? How do you make time to take action on what you learn?

Learn the Art of Balance and Self-Care  It’s all about you

Self care is the best gift you will ever give to yourself

We all operate on certain patterns, which we have created from our past experiences. We keep acting in the same ways, often without realizing it.

With balance in your life and a practice of self-care, you can recognize your patterns, keep the ones that help you, and then form new patterns that better contribute to your goals and live your dream life.

When you learn to balance your life, you’ll have started on a path of self-care that can bring you great fulfillment throughout your life

As you uncover new behaviors and patterns, you’ll be able to ask yourself if they’re what you really want. Through self-awareness, you can have the life you always wanted.

Self care is tending to yourself in such a steady way that life feels fulfilling, happy, and healthy. It starts with the simple (not easy) belief that you are worthy of compassion and well-being.

$125 Per Session
(no contract cancel anytime)

The  Balance and Self-Care Coaching Covers 3 Primary Areas

We look at the whole person, the whole life in context. We know that without self-care and life balance, life can be pretty miserable and lack joy and substance.   So, what are your needs? Where is your energy being drained?

Module 1. Assess Your Current Balance & Self-Care Levels Examine your balance and self-care needs, to identify what’s getting in the way and to help you enjoy your life more!

Sadly, life balance and self-care are often seen as “soft” requirements – something high achievers don’t (or shouldn’t) need. We get the message we should just be able to soldier on through illness and stress. We are told that if we take a holiday, go on a city break, have a bubble bath or sleep-in on Sundays – all will be well again. After all, a successful person should have this under control and too much self-care is a sign of weakness or perhaps selfish or indulgent.

In this module, We look at the whole person, the whole life in context. We examine the realities that without self-care and life balance life can be pretty miserable and lack joy and substance.

So, what are yourneeds? Where is their energy being drained? Are you too comfortable and going nowhere – or are you constantly pushing yourself so that “comfort” or “balance” is a passing thought before you throw yourself into the melee again?

Module 2. What Are Your Specific Self-Care Needs? Use this module to get specific information about where your energy is being drained – and what needs are not being met.

In this module you will get a feeling for how balanced you life is and whether they’re taking care of yourself or not. We will get specific about what and who is draining you – and what your specific self-care needs might be.

Module 3. Wrapping Up – A powerful and deep way to wrap-up after all this reflection and self-focus is to explore the question: “What do I need to let go of”?

Learning how to eat right, reduce stress, exercise regularly, and take a time-out when you need it are touchstones of self-care and can help you anti-stress, stay healthy, and be resilient.

Balance and Self-Care Coaching Package

2 Coaching Sessions A Month

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Coaching can be either face-to-face or over the telephone or SKYPE.  Each session is bespoke to each client, depending on the issues being addressed – sessions usually range between 1/2hr to 1hr sessions.  All information shared is confidential and any notes taken are kept in accordance with Data Protection.

$125 per session

(no contract cancel anytime)

Client Testimonials

“Michael coached me during one of the most difficult periods of my adult life. I would cite, among his many strengths, his ability to “hear” a client. “Hearing” a client is much more than listening to words; hearing a client acknowledges a client’s mood, energy, and thought processes.”

Jim Siskin

“”Michael has a great way with people. He can easily put you at ease and has a well spring of knowledge to share on many topics. His advice is sound and  his attention makes you feel valued as an individual”.


“From our first meeting Michael Mukunda Chandra really made me think about what it was I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them, ultimately finding the right job for me.”

Dan Thorpe

The  Balance and Self-Care Coaching Covers 9 Sessions

Session 1.  The Wheel of Life.  Examine how balanced your life is

The Wheel of Life gives a wonderful visual representation of how balanced your life is. Each segment on the wheel is scored according to how satisfied your life is across 8 key areas of their life – raising awareness and providing the opportunity to make change. In addition, this exercise helps clarify priorities for goal-setting, allowing you to plan so that you life is more balanced.

Session 2.  Self-Care Quiz and Review to measure and develop healthy practices 

Learn various tools and techniques to create very practical self-care measures – physical appearance, health, physical environment, time management, energy levels, emotional needs and more.

Session 3. Are You Sitting TOO Comfortably? Comfort Zone Exercise 

Where are you on the “Comfort Continuum”? This session provides an excellent springboard for you learn how to slow down and do less, or speed up and take action – and for you to understand taht discomfort, being a necessary part of growth.

Session 4.  What are your Energy Zappers 

How can we love our life if we feel exhausted? What is zapping your energy? What one thing particularly zaps you energy? This exercise is a great introduction to the idea that mental and emotional drains can have a big impact on us. 

Session 5. Detox Your Toxic Relationships 

WHO we spend our time with has a significant impact on our lives – some relationships uplift and inspire us and others are downright draining. This is about bringing awareness to, and being intentional with, whom we spend our time.

Session 6.  Self-Care and Needs and Practices

Knowing ourselves and our needs is essential to living a balanced life. This exercise asks people to give a score out of 10 to various universal needs and how we could raise our score. Where do you need to take better care of yourself? Gain insight into what’s preventing you from feeling happy and at peace with yourself.

Session. 8 The Power of No! 

This session is such an important topic!  Learn to reduce stress and and reduce the feeling of overwhelm – and learn to focus on yourgoals and priorities by learning to say “No”! Gain an in depth understanding of  where you need to say “No”, how your beliefs get in the way and to get clear on why you need to say “No”.

Session 9  Letting Go Coaching to move forward 

People often hang onto things which cloud their minds and drain them of energy – preventing them from moving forwards. This module explores WHY you’re holding on and the benefits of NOT letting go.

You can’t be your best for others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Effective self-care is also important to reduce stress at work and at home, reconnect with yourself to strengthen your true nature and set a good example for your kids or others who look up to you. When you practice self-care, you improve both your physical and emotional health, are able to view problems as opportunities rather than obstacles and are better positioned to create breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

Prioritizing self-care and self-kindness is crucial to maintaining a mind and body capable of achieving your goals

Learn to Care for yourself physically,
emotionally, and mentall

Good self-care practices are also an effective way of keeping yourself firing on all cylinders

$125 per session

(no contract cancel anytime)

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