Affrimations and Reflections

Being myself is liberating.

Being myself is liberating. At a time when there is so much pressure to conform to norms, I am happy about my individuality. I feel free when I focus on the version of myself that I am happy with. It is pointless to listen to the opinions of others regarding my...

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I accept others just the way they are.

I accept others just the way they are. My relationships are based on respect and understanding.  I focus on the positive. I look for qualities that I value and admire. I notice if someone excels at their job or goes out of their way to be helpful. When I recognize...

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I project confidence.

I am hopeful and strong. I stand tall and make eye contact. I set compelling goals and tackle new challenges. My confidence grows when I make personal development a top priority and follow through on my plans. I leverage my strengths. I figure out what I excel at and...

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I accept a challenge.

It is uncommon for me to pass up opportunities because of their level of difficulty. Taking on something that tests my drive and creativity is good for my overall development. Consistent fitness is difficult to maintain with my hectic work schedule, but I commit to...

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The Circle of Life

Reveal the “big picture” of your true dreams – and pave the road for a real, personalized action plan

I am a Board Certified Life Coach, a Board Certified Health Coach,  and a teacher of Mindfulness Living who helps people unlock their potential and live life on Purpose

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