Affrimations and Reflections

I set myself free by forgiving myself

By holding on to regret and disappointment with myself, I am only punishing myself. Just like everyone else in the world, I have made mistakes, but I am willing to forgive myself. Forgiving myself is easy. I have everything to gain when I forgive myself. I gain peace...

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My standards are high.

I feel accomplished when I push myself to go after more. Being consistent in what I accept ensures that I achieve at peak level. My expectations are lofty for both what I give and what I accept from others. I challenge myself to work beyond the previous day’s...

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I am driven to succeed.

I pursue my dreams. I set goals that challenge me but are still reachable. I use my objectives to guide me in managing my time and channeling my resources. I analyze my progress. I consider my strengths and the areas where I need to grow. I set interim milestones that...

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It is time for me to shine.

After all of these years of pretending to be smaller than I really am, it is my time to shine. I am ready to put my best foot forward and show the world what I have to offer. I am tired of limiting myself. I deserve to be free and to be noticed. I am sharing my...

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Reflection is my source of wisdom.

Quiet time brings clarity in my thought process. I see the answers that I am looking for when I take the time to think deeply. I reflect on different things at different times of day. There is a time and place to focus on various aspects of my life. Early mornings are...

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I take time for myself.

I take time for myself. My well-being is a top priority. I appreciate the importance of downtime and play. I am happier and more productive when I take regular breaks. I keep track of my schedule. Knowing where my time goes allows me to cut down on irrelevant tasks...

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Transitions Create Opportunities

Change can be exhilarating. It lifts me out of a rut. I break out of my comfort zone and try new things. Change also enables progress. I know that I need to be flexible if I want to be successful. Change makes me more resilient. I discover my strengths and build my...

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The Circle of Life

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I am a Board Certified Life Coach, a Board Certified Health Coach,  and a teacher of Mindfulness Living who helps people unlock their potential and live life on Purpose

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