Check out this week’s affirmation on positive energy

Staying positive can be tough. Positivity can start to wain when you are bombarded with a succession of negativity, failures, disappointment and heartbreak.

Every challenge you face withdraws from your energy, resilience and a little bit of your faith. Once your positive energy is depleted, pessimism slowly begins to creep in and take hold.

Affirmation:  I spread good energy wherever I go.

There are many reasons to have a good spirit. I constantly identify things to be joyous about. This focus allows me to maintain a positive attitude.

Having life is something worth celebrating. Each morning when I wake up, I give thanks for the chance to experience this beautiful world. That blessing fills me with a new lease on life.

I smile and share good cheer with each person who I encounter. 

My work colleagues are my teammates, so I treat them kindly. Bringing them morning coffee is a simple way to show them my appreciation for their work.

When I extend kindness at work, it creates a positive work environment. I am a part of successful projects because I encourage respectful discourse. When someone presents an idea,

I listen to it with openness and consideration.

Strangers deserve the same courtesy as my friends and family. I say good morning to each person who I pass on my daily commute.

Sharing a smile with another person spreads joy. A natural transmission of positive energy moves from one person to the next.

Small gestures such as this have a big impact on the world.

Today, the world around me smiles because I smile at it each chance that I get. I believe in getting back whatever I put out.

Spreading good energy makes the world a happier place. I choose to be an agent of positivity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the things that make me happy?
  2. How do I drive a positive outcome from a tense situation at work?
  3. Which of my friends give me the greatest joy?


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