Check out this week’s affirmation:  I embrace peace

Everything about modern society feels like an obstacle to experiencing peace of mind. But there are ways to find and maintain inner peace

Affirmation:  I embrace peace.

I feel calm and comfortable when I welcome peace into my life.

I extend forgiveness. I let go of resentments and disappointments as I remember that I need second chances too.

I practice gratitude. Thinking about my blessings lifts my spirits and gives me energy. I appreciate the kindness of others and experience more harmony in my life. 

I face challenges rather than trying to avoid them. I devote my time and energy to figuring out solutions. I replace anxiety with confidence. I show myself that I am capable and strong.

I do one thing at a time. I slow down and give my full attention to my current task. The quality of my work increases, and my activities become more satisfying.

I manage stress. I take breaks during the day, exercise regularly, and think positive.

I monitor my media consumption. I choose to get information from sources that are responsible and constructive. I fill my leisure time with hobbies and socializing rather than watching TV.

I spend time outdoors. Communing with nature awakens my senses and stills my thoughts. I feel part of something larger than myself. 

I simplify my life. I shop less and give away possessions that I rarely use. I take control of my schedule, so I can spend more time on my personal priorities. I develop efficient routines and turn off my phone for a few hours each day.

Today, I create more moments of peace for myself and others. I am joyful and serene.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Why is it important to make peace of mind a priority?
  2. What is the relationship between peace and patience?
  3. How can I use my breath to calm my thoughts?


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