Check out this week’s affirmation:  I discuss my feelings.

Feelings. They sometimes hurt, other times delight, often confuse and usually resist efforts to control them. Perhaps you’ll never quite control your feelings, but you can learn to manage them, for the most part. And one helpful way to do so is to express them.

Talking about my emotions helps me in many ways.

I gain self-knowledge and awareness. I recognize that my feelings are natural and important. I explore my superficial emotions and the deeper ones that lie beneath them. I understand my motives and reactions. 

I make sounder decisions. Talking about my anger or fear makes these sensations less intense. I gain greater control over myself. I consider consequences and select options that make me happier and more successful.

I draw closer to my family and friends. I allow myself to be vulnerable. I experience being loved and cared for.

I share my happy feelings. I express my gratitude. I thank others for their kindness and support.

I show my affection. I tell my partner how much I love them. I kiss and hug my children. I laugh with my friends.

I share emotions that are more difficult to talk about, like anger and jealousy. I choose an appropriate time and place. A quiet setting with few distractions makes it easier to listen and talk things through.

I remain calm when talking about my feelings. I take a walk if I need to cool down.

Today, I put my feelings into words. I express my emotions tactfully and directly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What happens when I suppress my feelings?
  2. How can physical sensations help me to name my feelings?
  3. How can I practice talking about my emotions?


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